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To build a better and closer community of NATO spouses

We offer clubs, social activities, monthly luncheons and a great network of friends.

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We missed our March collection for the Food Bank because our luncheon was cancelled. We have found a way for our entire NATO community (and more) to easily support the Food Bank in a direct, hands off, on-line fundraising page. The Food Bank has huge buying power so they can take a donation of 10 or 20 dollars and buy 5-6 times more food than we can as individuals.

We called the fundraising team/page “NATO families and friends” so that you know that EVERYONE can help. With contributions from the HQ SACT Officers’ Mess, the International Senior Rates Mess, and the SOPC as well as individual donations, we have raised over $8,381.00 so far. Please share this link with all the NATO families and friends that you know! Our community is hungry and this is a simple, direct way to help. Thanks so much for looking at this!❤️



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Contact the Legal Assistance Section, Office at the Legal Advisor, with any personal transition issues or related questions you may have:

757-747-3900, SACTHQPTS@act.nato.int

Please also consult the Newcomers & Serving Staff webpage, Legal Assistance and Personal Transition Information: 


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