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“We at the MRC (military recreation committee) are excited to bring you our next great event on November 19th!  The MRC  with the gracious support of the HQ SACT Spouses Club will be a hosting a Fall dessert Bake Off!  We hope you all come along to either enter your delicious dessert or be a judge with the rest of the HQ!  Their will be prices 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.  Please see below for contest rules and if you care to enter a dessert please sign up here

Cant wait to see you all there!”

  • 1.       Contestants may have more than one entry, but can only win one (1) prize.
  • 2.       Submissions must be home cooked (not store bought).
  • 3.       Types of desserts that may be entered:






Entries must be in the Extended Staff Mess by 1045 for judging between 1100-1230.

Voting System:

Voters will place cash donations in a jar in front of the desert they wish to vote for.

The desert with the most cash donations will receive a prize, followed by second and third place.


We would love to partner with you on this event and split the profits made, all of our proceeds go to the children’s holiday party and command holiday party. 


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Did you know that the MWR organizes runs on base that are free?
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Contact the Legal Assistance Section, Office at the Legal Advisor, with any personal transition issues or related questions you may have:

  • Contact Emma Hart at 757-747-3228, email please click: here
  • Kathy Hansen-Nord at 757-747-3640, email please click: here.

Please also consult the Newcomers & Serving Staff webpage, Legal Assistance and Personal Transition Information: 

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