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May the Fun  be with You!

The small, but all the more enthusiastic

Hungarian community invites you

to a fun, colorful spring luncheon to celebrate

diversity, and our multicultural organization.

We are also saying goodbye to our friends

who are leaving in the summer,

so let's make this bittersweet farewell

an unforgettable memory.

Wear your favorite spring colors,

bring your good mood with you

to play games, and win fabulous prizes.

The registration is open from Saturday, April 21st, 2018 until Wednesday, May 16th, 2018.


We are still in need for Assistant for our Newsletter team. If you are a regular SOPC member and are interested in these positions, please send an email to You can learn more about the procedure and requirements here.

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Contact the Legal Assistance Section, Office at the Legal Advisor, with any personal transition issues or related questions you may have:

  • Contact Emma Hart at 757-747-3228, email please click: here
  • Kathy Hansen-Nord at 757-747-3640, email please click: here.

Please also consult the Newcomers & Serving Staff webpage, Legal Assistance and Personal Transition Information: 

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