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February 11th, 2015    

Please sign up until February 4th
   Please be aware that from now on the luncheons will start at 10:15 to give you time to meet your friends and the events will begin at 11:00 sharp.


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Interested in Participating in a Run?
Did you know that the MWR organizes runs on base that are free?
For the complete schedule:


 Driving in Virginia DID YOU KNOW?

To learn more about the law in Virginia, please consult this document 




Virginia Opera's 2014-15 Season

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The SOPC (SACT Officer's Partners Club) would like to inform all newcomers and old-timers on some Club initiatives. In particular: - how to become a member - our upcoming Groups' Sign-up event - and the SOPC Welcome Lunch.

We are a non-profit organization and our purpose is to "encourage friendship amongst the members and to support selected charities".

Legally Speaking

Contact the Legal Assistance Section, Office at the Legal Advisor, with any personal transition questions you may have, and/or suggestions for future Legally Speaking column topics

Contact Emma Hart at 757-747-3228, email please click: here

Kathy Hansen-Nord at 757-747-3640, email please click: here.

Please also consult the Newcomers & Serving Staff webpage, Legal Assistance and Personal Transition Information: 

Our Inventory List

Our Inventory List

Here we offer everything you need for decoration,events and parties! Small and big items! We will lend it to you....

This opportunity is opened to all SOPC members.

We hope, you will take advantage of our new idea! For more information, please go to the site members.


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