HQ SACT Officers, Non-Commissioned Officer and Civilian Members Partners' Club

The HQ SACT Officers', Non-commissioned Officer and Civilian Staff Members Partners' Club (SOPC) is an international organization which, as well as supporting charitable ventures, provides a valuable self-help and networking environment for the spouses/partners of NATO Officers or civilian equivalent working in the Hampton Roads area. Our aim is to extend friendship to each other through social and educational events and to use this unique multi cultural relationship to aid many worthwhile causes and charities both in the USA and abroad. 

The SOPC Operation Committee normally meet each month between September and May. Meetings of the SOPC Board, the Steering group, which consists the President, Vice-President, the Chairperson, the Vice-Chairperson, the primary post holders of the Operation Committee and the National Representatives, take place three times a year. A summary of the topics discussed at each meeting will be published in the following month's newsletter. Any member wishing to see a full copy of the minutes of any meeting may do so by sending a request by e-mail to the SOPC Secretary at secretary@sopc.us

We hold an annual Welcome Lunch every September to greet all the new arrivals and introduce them to the many and varied activities available. These include monthly luncheons that are held between October and May, each lunch being hosted by different member nation, who chooses a menu, decorates tables and provides raffle prizes. The luncheons are a great way to make new friends whilst enjoying delicious food and learning about other cultures. Several designated charities are supported and four children are sponsored through the money raised by the sale of raffle tickets.

For detailed information on the dates and times of future lunches plus information on how to make a reservation you can visit the page Luncheons. The cost of each lunch is currently $26 per person.

Various informal clubs and groups are available, such as: Various cooking clubs, Moms & Toddlers club as well as English, French and German conversation groups. Community circles include Book club, Bowling, Bridge, Card Crafts, Volunteer Gardening, Performing Art Lovers, Tennis, Golf and Walking/Running Group. 

We also organize a variety of social events, for example: Craft Fairs, Wine Tasting, Seasonal Celebrations, Theater Visits and more.

Annual membership is currently $30 per year, information on how to join is available on the Join Us page. 

    Before applying to be a Member, you can ask to read our Bylaws by sending an e-mail to the Membership Team.

If you have questions please e-mail the Webmaster or ask your sponsor or National Representative.

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